Specify Global IPSec VPN Configuration

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Set MTU in VPN environment in case of throughput issues The MTU Size will be. 1492 Non-VPN traffic MTU Size - X IPSec Overhead. X Definive MTU Size. EXAMPLE: 1492 Non-VPN traffic MTU Size - 73 IPSec Overhead 1419 Definive MTU Size. To set up the new MTU value, you can go under Network | Interfaces, select the WAN interface from which the VPN traffic is going through and: Navigate to Advanced tab.

Jun 09, 2016

Hi, I have a branch router in a different country with IPSEC VPN tunnels set. Recently there are intermittent latency issues due to Network Congession experienced by the ISP in the remote country. My st0 is set with default MTU size. Would I see any improvement if I change MTU size to 1500 for t [SOLVED] packet size over VPN, watchguard - Spiceworks