Nov 12, 2013 · Just to add to this, in case others stumble across it. I had issues setting up my iPhone voicemail. The fix for me was to enable cell data and disable wifi and I was able to set it up. Once it was set up I was able to change my greeting and check my voicemail with cell data disabled.

How to Manually Set-Up APN Internet Settings on iPhone 4 How to Manually Set-Up APN Internet Settings on iPhone 4 Step by step picture-based guide to manually configure the APN profile on your iPhone to connect to mobile data services via a GSM network. by Lars H. 108.7k Views. 258 Likes How do I set up voice mail & greeting… - Apple Community May 27, 2012 Solved: How to set up my personal hotspot on my iPhone 4s Hey guys, I just activated a 2GB mobile hotspot for my iPhone 4s at the store and they couldn't figure out why my phone wouldn't let me set up my hotspot. When I go to settings>general>network my iPhone shows "Set up Personal Hotspot" instead of connect to hotspot like it should. Then once I click

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The steps mentioned here is the simplest way provided by the software to set up a new iPhone from iCloud. Step 1. Log into the iCloud and then you will view several iCloud backup files in the account. Select the one that you want to restore and click Next to choose the data types. Then click Next to download the iCloud backup and scan the data How to Set Up Siri on an iPhone or iPad -

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How do I set up my fitbit charge with my iPhone 4s? I went online and it told me to set up using the app, which told me to use the website. Apple iPhone 4S Change device. iOS 9.0. iOS8. iOS5. iOS is the operating system software installed on your iPhone. To find out which version you have: Tap Settings Set up Internet Apple iPhone 4S. Please select your country and operator below to see Device Guides for your operator. Continue. Please note: Your operator does not Oct 14, 2011 · If you choose to set up your iPhone 4S as a new device, just sign in with your Apple ID (or create one on your device). It’s important to note that the Apple ID you enter will be tied to iCloud, and if you use an Apple ID different than the one your iTunes Store purchases are linked to, you may have difficulty using many of iCloud’s features. All we need to do is make iPhone as easily and simply usable as possible. Now, let's get down to the security settings at first. 1. Set up Touch ID and Passcode To begin with, you can consider setting up a Touch ID ("Settings" > "Touch ID & Passcode") using an elderly people's fingerprint.