WhatsApp . Whatsapp is one of the most popularly used Secure messaging apps available on the market, with more than 1 billion users.. It’s simple to apply and allows various features such as location and data sharing, gifs, and also desktop assistance as well.

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Silent Text is the secure messaging app from Silent Circle, one of the better-known companies building secure communication programs. Most famously, the company built the supposedly ultra-secure

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May 28, 2020 · What are the best messaging apps for privacy and security in 2020? 1. iMessage Apple’s iMessage is only available on Apple devices, but it packs a punch with its security features. The 2. Wickr Founded by privacy and security advocates in San Francisco in 2012, Wickr was one of the first Aug 28, 2019 · Besides developing the benchmark end-to-end encryption protocol, Signal is generally the privacy advocate's choice of most-secure messenger app. Chats are fully encrypted by default, as is metadata Signal is widely regarded as the gold standard of encrypted messaging apps, not least because its encryption engine is open source and available for anyone to inspect. That doesn't make it any Dec 11, 2019 · 9 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps Signal Private Messenger Telegram iMessage Threema Wickr Me Silence Viber Messenger WhatsApp Dust Silent Circle is a trusted provider of secure-communications software and hardware, such as the Blackphone, and it has also developed its own secure mobile-messaging platform. Silent Phone provides Jul 21, 2020 · Telegram is one of the best encrypted messaging apps and features amongst the best social media apps on the market. It connects people over a distributed network of data centers around the globe. The encrypted text app has been able to garner over 400 million active users over the past four years.