I want to Add the route to Ethernet interface in my cisco 2509 router which has IOS 11.0. But it doesn’t help “ip route” command. in the help there is “ip source-route” command. is these commands are same or are there any other way to add routes. Thanks.

Source Route - YouTube Feb 10, 2008 How to Configure Static NAT in Cisco Router To assign IP address in Laptop click Laptop and click Desktop and IP configuration and Select Static and set IP address as given in above table. Following same way configure IP address in Server. To configure IP address in Router1 click Router1 and select CLI and press Enter key. Cisco Bug: CSCtx73452 - "no ip source -route" and "ip 2. ASR 1001 receives the packet. ASR 1001 has "no ip source-route" setting in its configuration. 3. ASR 1001 incorrectly overwrites the destination IP address of packet, which has source-route option set, and forwards it instead of dropping it. Conditions: The symptom is observed with the Cisco …

IP Source Route: IP Source Route allows a sender of an IPv4 datagram packet to specify the route the IPv4 datagram packet takes through the network. IP Source Route allows an attacker to control the path which the IPv4 datagram packet travels. To disable IP Source Route, use "no ip identd" command from the Global Configuration mode.

Cisco routers normally accept and process source routes. Unless a network depends on it, source routing should be disabled. Source routing is a technique whereby the sender of a packet can specify the route that a packet should take through the network. no ip source-route question - Cisco Community IP source-route is a little-used option that allows the originator of a packet to decide which routers he should go through to get to his destination. He does this by supplying the full path of routers on the options header of the IP packet.

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