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A hashing function is used to compute keys that are inserted into a table from which values can later be retrieved. As the name suggests, a distributed hash table (DHT) is a hash table that is distributed across many linked nodes, which cooperate to form a single cohesive hash table service. Nodes are linked in what is called an overlay network The Road to the New DHT - IPFS Blog The DHT distributes and stores these pairs of keys and values in small tables across many nodes or peers throughout the network. Peers, in turn, store information about where to physically locate specific content. Kademlia, our DHT implementation, helps keep track of which nodes are providing what data to others in the network. DHT not ready error - Transmission

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dht.OK, dht.ERROR_CHECKSUM, dht.ERROR_TIMEOUT represent the potential values for the DHT read status. dht.read()¶ Read all kinds of DHT sensors, including DHT11, 21, 22, 33, 44 humidity temperature combo sensor. Syntax¶ dht.read(pin) Parameters¶ pin pin number of DHT sensor (can't be 0), type is number. Returns¶ status as defined in Constants

SiteWhere Documentation | Raspberry Pi DHT11 Sensor Tutorial Double-click on the inject node and update its name to Trigger, then click Ok to save the changes. Configure the RPI-DHT Node. Double-click the rpi-dht22 node and update the settings as shown in the image below. We choose the DHT11 on pin 4 based on the sensor and how it is connected.