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How to Set up Chromecast using Android Smartphone? Chromecast works with the HDMI port of the TV, so the first thing to do is to plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port. Also, plug in the micro USB of the AC adapter given in the box so that the Chromecast to supply power to it. Set up Chromecast on your Android or iOS device (go to Google's Set up your Chromecast device article and choose Android or iPhone & iPad). Make sure your Chromecast and your Android or iOS device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open HBO Max on your phone or tablet and start playing a video. Jun 22, 2020 · Set up Chromecast built-in using the Google Chrome™ browser or Chromecast-enabled apps and websites. Cast using the Google Chrome browser on your computer; Cast using Chromecast-enabled website or apps from your mobile device; Troubleshooting. The Cast icon disappears from the YouTube™ app on a device using an iOS™ operating system. How to Set up Google Chromecast. The instructions are verbatim copy of the manual. Plug power cable into Chromecast. Plug Chromecast into TV. Plug power adapter into wall socket. (You may connect the power cable from the Chromecast to a USB port on your TV.) Switch TV input/source to the HDMI port your Chromecast is plugged into. How to set up Chromecast First, unpack your Chromecast and plug it into your TV using one of the HDMI ports. Then plug your USB cord into a nearby outlet using the Chromecast adapter. Aug 05, 2019 · Step 2: Set Up and Configure Chromecast Ultra. Once you have plugged the Chromecast Ultra into your TV, you can now proceed to set up the streaming device. You will be prompted to complete the set-up process by configuring the Chromecast Ultra device. The setup prompt will appear on your TV screen with a blue display.

Mar 21, 2017 · Delve into the Chromecast settings inside the Home app (tap the three dots next to the Chromecast on the Devices screen) and you can configure a few of the dongle's options, including guest mode.

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Feb 05, 2019 · Step One: Plug In Your Chromecast and Download the Google Home App To set up your Chromecast, you’ll need the Google Home app (formerly the Google Cast app), available on iOS and Android.

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