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Apr 17, 2018 Can I install .NET Framework 4 on Windows XP Embedded For .NET Framework 3, the answer is "yes" -- but, because Windows XP Embedded is componentized, you need to make sure the Windows installation that you're trying to use has all of the necessary components, and it's quite a long list. I would expect the answer for .NET Framework 4 is the same, although it may require additional components. vb.net - .NET framework, Windows XP - Stack Overflow "Installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is not supported on this operating system. Contact your application vendor." ** And then of course, when I try to install .NET 4.5 on the Win XP machine, I find out it's not supported. At this point, I'm just wanting to know what can be done to get this app to run on Win XP. .NET Framework 4.5 Free Download Offline installer [66 MB

.Net Framework Description. The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software component that can be added to or is included with the Microsoft Windows operating system. It provides a lar

Jul 08, 2013

.NET Framework 3.5 (viene instalado en Windows 7 y Server 2008 R2).NET Framework 4.0 o Framework 4.5 (viene instalado en Windows 8 y Server 2012 y Windows 10).NET Framework 4.6 esta es la nueva versión, hay tres versión de la misma 4.6, 4.6.1 y 4.6.2. Requisitos. Esta versión funciona en Microsoft Windows (OS): Windows Server 2008 R2 y SP1

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